New Xbox Gift card?

What’s xbox Gift card?

XBox Gift Card is a way to buy Xbox One and Windows 10 Games digitally on xbox. com,Xbox Live and select retailers.

How To Get xbox Gift Card?

First, buy or earn 1 of the following: Watching Videos,Movies & TV Shows ,Music Videos ,Modes of Play ,Apps ,Playing Games , Available Games on a Friend’s System

How To Use xbox Gift Card?

You just received a gift card from a loved one (or yourself) for Christmas. How do you go about spending the money?

You can use the gift card in store on any Xbox One or Xbox 360 system.

Or… you can also use the gift card towards any accessories or games you choose.

How Much Money Is Inside?

You can purchase a gift card up to $100, and there is no limit to how many gift cards you can purchase.

You can purchase a gift card at brick and mortar retailers like GameStop, Amazon, or any Microsoft Store.

Or… you can purchase a gift card on the Microsoft Store website.

How To Redeem xbox Gift card?

To redeem the xbox gift card you will have to use the information below to complete the form:

When do I receive my gift card?

The gift card will be sent within 2-4 weeks after the purchase date you entered.

What do I need to do?

Use the Online Checkout for your redemption request.

Enter your Xbox Live account details on the online check out.

Download and sign in to your Xbox LIVE account

Complete the redemption request form

Don’t have Xbox LIVE?

Not to worry! You can get started on Xbox 360 and Windows 8 with a free 1-month Xbox LIVE Gold trial, then decide if the service is right for you!

Manage Xbox Live Gold Free Trial


Request Gift Card using this form below!

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